Welcome back!

Here are a few common questions you might have as a returning visitor from our old website. If you have any questions not covered here, please get in contact!

Where's my Account?

Even if you had an account with us on the old website, you will still need to Signup for a 'new' account on this website. Make sure you use the same email address as you did on the old website!


how to sign up


mobile how to create account

Simply fill in the information on the following form using the same email address as your account on the old site.

That's it! All of your loyalty points and outstanding orders on the old site will be on your account here!


How do I spend Loyalty Points?

This has changed a little from the old site. Now, instead of spending any amount of points at the checkout, during your visit you'll see a bubble in the bottom right of your screen.

This is where your loyalty points information lives now, and instead of directly using points at the checkout to reduce your total, you can cash in your points for vouchers, redeemed as discount codes at the checkout.


What about Local Pickups?

We're still doing them! At the checkout you'll have two types of shipping options - Shipped, or Pickup. Simply select the 'Pickup' option to have your order go through the Local Pickup process.

Due to this feature being relatively new on the platform, we currently can't edit any orders made for Local Pickup, nor can we switch an order from Shipping to Local Pickup, or vice versa.


Where's my Membership now?

At the moment we're attempting to find a replacement solution to the memberships we had on the old website. All existing memberships will be honoured, but will no longer auto-renew.

For those on Silver or Gold tier memberships, calculating your bonus loyalty points will now be done manually by us at the end of the month (an incentive to get a new system soon!)

You don't need to do anything to make this happen - we've got a list of all existing members, and we'll cross reference your month's orders.